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Are you ready to live a life you love?

Want more joy, happiness, and fulfillment?

You need the Empowered Mindset!

Ready to become your best self and love your life?

Your past gave you wisdom, it does not define your future.

You can choose who you will become and the life you want to live. The right mindset will help you change and grow so you can live that dream life.

It starts with a decision to find out what really matters to you and go after it.

Developing the right mindset will help you change, grow, and reach your goals.

You can achieve anything in life with the right mindset…. optimism, self-confidence and self-value can be developed and maintained.



Develop the Empowered Mindset for success in all areas of life.



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You imagine your future self; this program gives you the mindset to become it.

This program shows you how to build a mindset of success in all things…. Better health, caring relationships, meaningful work, and financial security.

You will get simple tools to develop the Ultimate Mindset. These tools have been proven through scientific research and life experience… they work!

Your perception of life will change immediately. See the proof for yourself in days and weeks.

Take charge of your mind and your life now and get ready to achieve all your goals so you can live your dreams.

Why take this program?

Live Longer and Healthier

Reduce Stress

Be More Productive

Make Better Decisions

Improve Your Relationships

See More Opportunity

Be More Resilient

Have More Influence with Others

Get More Business

The list goes on and on. Your life will improve significantly when you develop the Ultimate Mindset.
It’s simple, it’s proven, it just takes consistent practice and a commitment to live life on your terms.

What Does the Program Look Like?

  • Join a Community of Women

    Committed to learning, growing and having more in life who encourage each along the way.

  • 1-1 Strategy Session with Victoria

    Identify your biggest obstacle to having more success and how to overcome it.Name of the element

  • Six Online Sessions

    Learn the principles of the ULTIMATE MINDSET and how to apply them to reach your goals.

  • Accountability

    Stick with the practices.

  • Sharing

    An opportunity to celebrate success in the learning community.

  • Expert Guidance

    See the results in days and weeks, not months and years.

  • Video Recordings

     Individual playback at anytime.

What's the investment?

Value: Priceless... How much would you pay for "happy ever after"?

Place: Online ZOOM call in the place of your choice.

Dates: October 8, 15, 22, 29 and November 5 and 12. 10-11 AM.

Price: Special COVID pricing $249 if registered by October 6th.

Discount: Members of NAWBO and Mesa Chamber of Commerce get $50 off COVID pricing.

It’s never too late to take charge of your life, but it is way too late to keep playing it safe. ~Victoria Trafton


Register for the Empowered Mindset now and start the journey to your Third Act to live a life you love with more joy and fulfillment.

What Clients Are Saying

Suzanne Poisson Ryan

The Empowered Mindset program was awesome! I have heard it all before, and yet Victoria put together the keys to success and happiness in a unique and powerful way. Each session inspired me into action and naturally built on the other sessions. By the last session the impact was powerful and a bit surprising. I feel more empowered and hopeful that I can live my passion helping others live the life of their dreams.

Suzanne Poisson Ryan,


Victoria has extensive knowledge about mindset, success principles, and women’s psychology. She is gifted at sharing what we need to believe we can be our best selves and achieve all our goals. In her learning programs and private coaching, she has helped me adopt the perfect practices to become the woman I want to be. I have had life-changing results faster than I ever expected.

I highly recommend her programs to help you live your best life.

~ Sally Harrison, CEO Mesa Chamber of Commerce


Victoria actually reads all the books you never get around to and distills the best of what she learns to give to us in her terrific programs. Having attended a number of Victoria’s programs, I can guarantee that whether you want to improve your business or your personal life…. You will walk away with new invaluable “golden nuggets” you can use immediately in your life. Fast-moving and jam-packed with great content

you will be happy you participated. I am delighted to be able to recommend Victoria so highly!

~ Harriet Moser, FranNet


Register for the Empowered Mindset now and start the journey to your Third Act to live a life you love with more joy and fulfillment.

About Victoria

Victoria has reinvented professionally multiple times and enjoyed a highly successful career she loved. She knows how to redesign life at different stages to follow a path of growth, passion, and excitement. As a late bloomer, she taps into her unlimited potential to continue to find joy and success in business and personal life. She knows the path well and partners with women to find the life they love and live it.

As a pioneer in Silicon Valley in the early 1970’s, Victoria was the only woman in the room. She built her career from research programming at Stanford University to Vice President of Sales for vendor companies. She showed up with confidence for her Fortune 100 clients who depended on her to tell the truth and sell them real value-based solutions.
While success attained through hard work and discipline, personal satisfaction and joy were out of reach for most of her early career. Her very successful professional mask covered up chronic clinical depression, suicidal tendencies, serve eating disorders, loneliness and despair.

Moving to Arizona from the San Francisco bay area, Victoria became an entrepreneur and achieved success again working with small business owners. As the top producer in a worldwide franchise, she became a nationally recognized expert in the field of referral marketing.

While her public career was a succession of achievement and bright lights, her life was one of darkness. Success was empty. Life was meaningless until she made the decision to leave corporate and find out who she was and what she really wanted in her life.

A series of teachers, counselors and mentors opened doors to new learnings and methods to find her authentic self and overcome the demons of her past. She went on to meet her ideal life partner and find meaning and happiness in the second half of life.

Partner with Victoria as your guide to living a happier, healthier more fulfilling life now. She has made the journey from severe depression and loneliness to a happy, healthy lifestyle overflowing with love and work satisfaction.

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Your Third Act offers learning and coaching programs to help women discover who they have become, what they want, and how to get it.
Your precious life belongs to you…. but you have to claim it. Victoria Trafton and Your Third Act will help you do that with an empowered mindset to achieve success in every area of life…. Good health, caring relationships, meaningful work and financial peace of mind.

A Message from Victoria

Raised to be an ordinary, somewhat fear-based women, I learned to be confident and successful but at the cost of personal happiness and love. I know how hard it can be. Today, I love the woman I have become. I live my purpose and love my life. My life is filled with love and happiness everyday.

The path can seem overwhelming and hopeless.... let me be your guide. I love sharing tools and concepts in my programs and coaching to build a life of self-value, contribution, and joy. They worked for me and I am thrilled to see them work for my clients.

Research proven principles and wisdom gained from my own life experience enable me to show other women how to find more authenticity, purpose, joy, and fulfillment in their own life.

My mission is helping women value themselves, live their unique purpose, and make a difference.

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Happiness is a choice if you know how to make it….

I would be honored to show you how and travel the path together.

Your Third Act is a Victoria Trafton Production
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